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Do you have your own dish and knife? Have you used up all your previous lotion?  Just order the Body Butter Bar refill!

$1 SHIPPING on this product!

Packed with emollient-rich ingredients and effective as a skin-softener, Body Butter Bars bring relief to dry, cracked skin. Designed to melt at body temperature, the soothing ingredients work together to create a rich nourishing moisturizer that softens and heals the skin with fast-absorbing properties to help seal the lotion into the skin.

Don't just cover your dry skin -- Heal It!


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    This Body Butter is Terrific!

    Posted by Amanda LaRosa on 16th Jun 2016

    First, I have yet to be anything but extremely pleased with any Body Stone Candle purchase. Much as I love the beautiful candles and the therapeutic effect the wax has on my hands (particularly at bedtime), I have come to depend on the ease and convenience Body Butter plays in my morning ritual. I use it a but differently than others though: As I leave in the morning, I pick up the bar as I would a bar of soap and 'butter' up my hands as if I were working up a lather with a bar of soap. Just a couple of swipes in my hands and there is plenty to distribute after putting the bar back on its lovely plate.

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    Body Butter Bar Refill

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2015

    I bought this product for hand care, but started to use it nightly as a facial moisturizer. What a great improvement in my shin tone and condition. I stopped using the more costly shelf products, This gave better and faster results.