Body Stone Candles Questions

What is a Body Stone Candle?

Our all natural Body Stone Candles are actually a luxurious moisturizing lotion. Packaged in hand-made stoneware with beautiful artisan glazes, each one is a unique piece of art.  Body Stone Candles melt into a lotion that fully soaks into your skin within a few minutes leaving a silky, soft feeling.


How do I use a Body Stone Candle?

Because of their unique ingredients, Body Stone Candles will melt at just over body temperature.  Much like a relaxing hot bath, they are comfortably warm, but not hot.  Light the Body Stone Candle and let it burn until a full melt pool is formed.  Extinguish the flame.  Gently drizzle a small amount of warm massage oil into your hands and then massage into the skin for a true spa experience.


What is in a Body Stone Candle?

Body Stone Candles have a proprietary blend of all natural, organic coconut oil wax, high quality shea butter, beeswax, soy oil, and skin-safe fragrance oil. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, vitamins A & E, jojoba and aloe vera have been included for their emollient skin nurturing properties.

Our lotion is packed with emollient-rich ingredients that bring relief to dry, cracked skin.  Designed to melt at body temperature, the soothing ingredients work together to create a rich, nourishing moisturizer that softens and heals the skin with fast-absorbing properties to help seal the lotion into the skin.

Don't just cover your dry skin - - Heal it!


How long will my Body Stone Candle last?

It depends.  A Body Stone Candle is not meant to burn from start to finish.  Due to the variations in application, (ie. hands, elbows, legs, full body massage...) it is difficult to estimate how many uses each person will get out of their candle.  We can assure you that a little goes a long way.


Is there anyone who should not use a Body Stone Candle?

Anyone with a known allergy to nuts  or nut-based products because Body Stone Candle lotion is made with shea butter, soy butter, coconut oil, and jojoba - all nuts. We encourage you to test a small amount of Body Stone Candle lotion on a small area of your skin before applying it to large parts of your body.

* As always, keep children and pets away from candles to prevent accidents or misuse.  Children may also have a hard time understanding the difference between a "lotion candle" and a paraffin candle.


I'm sending this as a gift.  Can I include a personal message?

We love that Body Stone Candles make such great gifts and we'd be happy to help make yours special!  Just send us a note on your order & we'll include one of our handmade gift tags or note cards.  Choose from "Happy Birthday!", "Especially for You!", "Congratulations!", "Happy Holidays!", "Merry Christmas!" or we can customize one just for you.


My wick has burned down and I still have lotion left.  What can I do?

You can always use your Body Stone Candle by simply scooping the lotion out with your finger and warming it with your body temperature.  You can also warm your candle in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  Remember, microwaves can cause hot-spots.  Allow your candle to sit for a few minutes and check to make sure it is not too hot before applying it to your skin.

If you would like, contact us and we will send you a new wick with instructions how to replace your burnt wick.


I can't decide which pot to choose!  They are all so beautiful!  What do you recommend?

We also love all of our pots and we can't wait to see what comes out of the kiln each morning.  If you don't want to spend the time deciding which one you like the best, just pick one of our "Unicorn" pots.  We'd be happy to send you our favorite pot of the current batch.  Often it is even a one-of-a-kind that we don't list online.