Elite Refill Kit (with Frankincense)

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Used up all of your Elite Body Stone Candle lotion?  Don't throw your pot away!  Save money and help the environment by purchasing our Elite Refill Lotion Kit.  

This re-fill kit contains one 4oz lotion package with added Frankincense, including wick with simple instructions of how to create your own, brand new Elite Body Stone Candle.


You can also use this refill to turn your regular Body Stone Candle into an Elite with added Frankincense!


How to:

- Remove the old wick & silver base from your Body Stone Candle. You can stick it in the microwave for ~ 30 seconds & pull the base out with tweezers.

- Remove the new wick from the refill kit & then melt the lotion in the microwave. Start with 30 seconds & add more as necessary. Be careful! Lotion can get hot!

- Pour the lotion into your Body Stone Candle. Allow it to sit for ~10 minutes to cool. 

- Straighten the new wick & set it into the middle of the candle. Use a couple chopsticks or pencils on either side of the wick to hold it upright while the lotion cools.

- Enjoy your NEW Elite Body Stone Candle!