Essential Oil Diffuser Setup and Maintenance

 How do I set up my essential oil diffuser?

  1.  Place the silver mist unit (nebulizer) in the center of the stoneware vessel & thread the cord through the hole.  Push the black plug firmly into the hole.  Adjust the cord in the vessel so that it is not lying over the nebulizer.
  2.  Fill with drinking water (NOT distilled) so that the water level is just above the top of the water level sensor (black bar) on the mist unit.
  3.  Place the copper sculpture or the copper stand, optional lily pad, and lotus flower inside the stoneware vessel.  (Use caution as points of copper may be sharp.) In the smaller lotus units adjust the lotus placement and lotus leaves for optimal mistt without splashing.
  4.  Connect the mist unit to the transformer and plug the transformer into the main power supply.
  5.  At this point you may need to use a wooden stick (chopsticks or pencils work well) to nudge the nebulizer into optimal placement for the mist to flow through the diffuser and not splash. We test each diffuser in our studio. They each have their own sweet spot.
  6.  Add a few (3-4) drops (a little, more often is better than a lot all at once) of your favorite essential oil to the water and enjoy! 

What kind of water should I use?

     -  Use only drinking water (Bottled or filtered is best.) Distilled water will kill the diffuser.  Periodically change the water to keep it clean. Dirty water will affect the performance of the diffuser.  Hard water or water with a lot of minerals in it will clog the diffuser if not cleaned regularly.

Where should I put my diffuser?              

      -  The diffuser may send out small jets of water while in operation. Do not place the unit where water spillage or condensation will cause damage to furniture, electric products, floors, or anything else that may be affected by water damage. 

How long should I run my diffuser?

        -  The suggested usage of the diffuser motor is no more than 8 hours a day. Unplugging the unit when not in use (separating the cord at the junction works too) will increase the life of the nebulizer. Letting the diffuser run out of water repeatedly will shorten the life of your nebulizer.

Why aren't I getting any mist?             

     -  First, check to see that the water is above the little black bar on the nebulizer. This bar is an automatic shut off sensor so that the unit doesn't run without water and burn itself out. 

     -  After operating the mist unit for some time, you may notice a decrease in the amount of mist produced or it may stop working altogether. This can be months or years depending on your usage, maintenance, and water quality. At that time you should either clean or replace the white ceramic disc with one of our maintenance kits, or replace the nebulizer.  We offer replacement nebulizers at wholesale cost.