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About Us

O'Casey Creations is a family run business.

We take pride in each and every Art Diffuser and Body Stone Candle that goes out our door.


Sean started his passion for pottery just a few years ago, but like everything else he does, he pursued it with gusto and quickly turned a hobby into a thriving business. 

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Kathleen was quickly recruited.


We each capitalize our individual talents on specific processes in the creation of an art piece.

Each vessel is wheel thrown by Sean from the finest porcelain & stoneware available, and then hand decorated by Kathleen using beautiful artisan glazes.

We use over 10 different clay bodies and fire in four different kilns, utilizing both oxidation and reduction firing.

Always adding something new to the mix, Sean is continually researching new glazing techniques and their history.  The historical significance of clay work can be traced back nearly 20,000 years which humbles us and fills our lifes with an unlimited supply of gratitude for the gift of being a successful clay artist.

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Though mostly self-taught, we have both studied under well-renowned artists,including potters Hasuyo Miller, Antoinette Badenhorst, Tom Coleman, and copper artisan David Burns.

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Our current focus is traveling down the road of mixed media with our Diffuser Art.

 Sean now integrates copper by hand forging with OXY/ACE torch into stunning bamboo and floral accents, which are then passed on to Kathleen who puts on the final touches with heat and specialized patinas.




Thank you!  

Nicholas loves martial arts and violin.  Benjamin takes swim lessons, speech & loves to fish.

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